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Steel manufacturing

Steel manufacturing

Ironmaking is an essential industry that produces the steel, supporting the entire industrial sector.
Ironmaking primarily consists of blast furnace processes calling for large amounts of oxygen. This oxygen is separated and refined from air using large air separation units. KOBELCO has delivered many of the centrifugal compressors used in these plants.

Steel manufacturing

Advanced technical expertise that helps reduce CO2

Since ironmaking processes also emit large amounts of CO2, finding ways of reducing CO2 emissions is crucial.
COG compressors are a smart solution. COG (coke oven gas) is a hydrogen-rich gas emitted by coke manufacturing processes. COG can be used in a number of various ways. After compression with a screw compressor, it can serve as a source of separator-extracted hydrogen for use in other applications. It can also be used as a reducing agent in blast furnaces to lower the overall amount of CO2 emissions. KOBELCO’s extensive delivery track record of COG compressors has helped reduce CO2 emissions.

Like blast furnace processes, iron can also be produced by direct reduction processes. Direct reduced iron (DRI) plants produce iron using a new-generation process that is not reliant on blast furnaces. Iron ore is reduced primarily by the use of natural gas. The process emits less CO2 than the conventional blast furnace process and has recently been experiencing growing demand. KOBELCO has licensed the Midrex® process created by DRI market leader Midrex Technologies, delivering the screw compressors used in the process.

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