compressor Integral geared

Integral geared

Under operation at numerous plants all over the world since the first model was manufactured and delivered in 1967

Highly efficient and reliable compressors for various gases can be provided.

Product Description

  • Manufacturing track record up to 4 shafts with 8 stages
  • The optimum rotation speed and impeller diameter can be selected to enable highly efficient operation.
  • Production capacity of a multistage centrifugal compressor with discharge pressure of 24 MPa and flow rate of 500,000 m3/h
  • A wide range of gases can be handled such as air, nitrogen, and steam, as well as toxic gases like carbon monoxide and chlorine.


Main Applications

  • Air compressors for plants or instrumentation
  • Petrochemical process
  • Air/gas separation
  • Nitrogen compressors for ammonia plants
  • Process gas compressors for various plants
  • Air or process gas compressors for environmental applications

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