Heat exchanger segmentHeat exchangers

Heat exchanger segment

The heat exchanger lineup includes a multi-stream economical heat exchanger "ALEX, and a compact heat exchanger "DCHE" featuring high pressure and temperature resistance.

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Brazed aluminum heat exchangers (ALEX) can maximize the energy efficiency of plant systems by providing the benefits of top-class heat transfer performance and multi-stream structure. ALEX has been used for more than 50 years as an optimum heat exchanger in low-temperature plants, such as LNG and ethylene, and its applications are still growing to this day.


Diffusion bonded compact heat exchanger (DCHE) is made of stainless steel with excellent strength and corrosion resistance and has a wide range of applications from extremely low temperature to high pressure. Its primary applications were offshore plants, such as ships and platforms requiring compact designs, but it is now expanding to onshore plants. DCHE can be used in a wide range of applications.

Heat Exchanger Track Record

KOBELCO has delivered more than 6,000 ALEX units since 1965.

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