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Horizontal reciprocating

Highly reliable products achieved by a track record and more than a hundred years of experience.

KOBELCO supplies the KR Series (Models KR20, KR30, KR50, KR60 and KR70). These models conform to the API 618 standard and are used for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, LNG terminals, and a number of other sectors all over the world.


An extensive product lineup from small to large compressors lets us propose the products best suited to meet the user's requirements. Oil-injection models, oil-free models, and other specifications are available. We are also able to supply highly reliable products with various technologies of design and analysis for performance forecasts based on more than a hundred years of experience. 


Product Description

  • Horizontally opposed cylinder configuration keeps it well balanced and inhibits vibrations.
  • Extensive operation track record for high-pressure and ultralow-temperature services.
  • Continual technological advances extend the life of the compressor (cylinder valves, rings).
  • Step control (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) or continuously variable capacity adjustment.

Main Applications

  • LNG BOG compressor (LNG terminal)
  • C2H4 BOG compressor (Hydrocracker plant)
  • C2H6 BOG compressor (Hydrocracker plant)
  • High-pressure hydrogen compressor
  • PP/PE recycle compressor (Petrochemical plant)
  • Off gas compressor
  • Send-out compressors for various gases 

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