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Cold water LNG vaporizer specialized for small capacities

Cold water vaporizer (CWV) is an LNG vaporizer specialized in small capacities. LNG cold energy can be used to supply cold water for use in air conditioning or gas turbine intake air cooling. It helps improve energy efficiency even in small LNG stations.


Contribute to a carbon-neutral society in even small-scale LNG facilities

  • Well water and excess hot wastewater from factories can be utilized as a heat source.
  • No need to make hot water and reduce CO2.
  • Make cold water to utilize in plants (e.g., help or substitute the chillers for cooling tower, air conditioning, gas turbine intake air cooling).
  • Composite vaporizer combining multi-functions, such as pressure build-up vaporizer and BOG heater.

Existing Applications and Applicable Ranges

Delivery track record of more than 20 units for small-capacity LNG stations 

<Existing Applications>

  • Small-scale LNG station: Cold energy recovery LNG vaporizer

<Applicable Ranges>

Vaporization capacity: 1 to 5 ton/h (per unit)


Freeze-inhibiting by forced convection

CWV uses cold water as the heat source. Freezing in cold water path is inhibited by forced convection using baffle plates.
See the detailed structure illustration shown below.

After-Sales Service

CWV is installed in a horizontal position. It helps with easy installation and maintenance.

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