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Screw refrigeration compressor with a delivery track record of over 1,000 units all over the world

KOBELCO began manufacturing and providing screw refrigerators in 1963 and has since delivered over 1,000 units to users inside and outside of Japan.


Oil-injected screw compressors are applied for the core technology of the refrigeration compressor. There are two types of models: single-stage models and tandem (two-stage) models.
KOBELCO provides refrigeration compressors designed for energy-saving and reliability optimized for clients tailored to user needs. We select the optimum refrigerant and plan the economizer system, dual refrigeration system, or other refrigeration system design.


Product Description

An extensive lineup of models is available, enabling the design of refrigeration systems fully optimized for clients' requirements.

  • Single-stage models and tandem (two-stage) models can be selected in a wide range of sizes.
  • The economizer system and slide valve enabling continuously variable capacity adjustment (from 15 to 100%) make it possible to provide highly efficient refrigeration systems.
  • Maximum supported refrigeration capacity
     12,000 kW (using propylene with 40°C condensation temperature and 0°C evaporation temperature)
  • Minimum evaporation temperatures
     -86°C (ethylene)
     -80°C (R23)
     -75°C (R22)
     -57°C (R404A)
     -54°C (CO2)
     -48°C (ammonia)
     -47°C (propylene) 

Main Applications

  • Boil-off gas re-liquefaction (CO2, NH3)
  • Various industry plants (ex. VCM, polysilicon)
  • Brine coolers, chillers
  • Environmental testing


The optimum low environmental-impact refrigerant can be selected based on clients' requirements.

  • Natural refrigerants: Ammonia, propane, propylene, butane, ethylene, carbon dioxide
  • Freon-based refrigerants: R32, 1234yf, R134a, others

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