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Maximizing the energy efficiency of low-temperature process plants

Brazed aluminum heat exchangers (ALEX) can maximize the energy efficiency of plant systems by providing the benefits of top-class heat transfer performance and multi-stream structure. ALEX has been used for more than 50 years as an optimum heat exchanger in low-temperature plants, such as LNG and ethylene, and its applications are still growing to this day.


Top-class heat transfer performance and multi-stream structure

  • Enable heat exchange with a small temperature difference (pinch point), minimizing refrigeration cycle power consumption.
  • Enable multi-stream heat exchange with more than 10 fluids, saving energy by recovering various waste heat.
  • Multiple heat exchangers can be combined, reducing the plant pipeline and foundations.

Existing Applications and Applicable Ranges

More than 6,000 units delivered for a wide range of applications

<Existing Applications>

  • LNG plants (facilities that cool methane to -160°C for liquefaction)
  • Liquefying heat exchangers for processes with small temperature differences
  • Gas separation plants (e.g., separate oxygen from air, methane from natural gas)
  • Heat exchangers that cool feed gas with recovered cold energy from multiple fluids

<Applicable Ranges>

  • Temperature: -260 to 65°C
  • Pressure: 130 Bar(g)
  • Fluids: Non-corrosive to aluminum (acids, alkalis and water are not applicable)
  • Conditions: Steady-state operation (Not applicable to excessive temperature difference and cyclic service)


Enable effective heat transfer

ALEX contains a "core" for the heat transfer zone and a "header/nozzle" for the inlet and outlet of fluids. The core consists of multi-layer stacking of fins, parting sheets, and sidebars joined by vacuum brazing to form a path for fluid flow. Hot and Cold fluids supplied into adjacent layers are efficiently heat exchanged through the fins and parting sheets.

Type of Unit

Package type units tailored to client needs can be proposed 

<Cold Box>

  • Cold Box simplifies on-site construction and provides an economical advantage by modularizing multiple components such as ALEX, separation drum, and piping in a steel casing.
  • Large Cold Box (over 500 metric tons) can also be provided.


  • Kettle type reboiler and condenser installing ALEX (core) inside Drum instead of the tube bundle.
  • Compact size, easy to transport and install.

After-Sales Service

Upon the customer's request, KOBELCO provides engineering support for revamping study and various site services, such as welding repair. Our after-sales services have been highly evaluated by many customers, leading to repeat orders.

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