Towards a sustainable
future through
relentless challenge

An uncompromising commitment to
technological innovation designed to
push the envelope.Forge a new path.

Find a new way with KOBELCO

An uncompromising
commitment to technological
innovation designed
to overcome the world’s
present and future challenges

Quality, trust, and new ideas for the world and future.

An uncompromising<br>commitment to technological<br>innovation designed<br>to overcome the world’s<br>present and future challenges

Sustainable Future
with Energy Technology

Sustainable Future<br>with Energy Technology
About Us

Find a new way

Towards the future by taking on challenges and innovating.

About us
About us

KOBELCO’s strengths-energy and chemical solutions.

The energy & chemicals segment of Kobe Steel's Machinery Business Division offers equipment and solutions to best meet customer needs, with a focus on plastics processing machinery, compressors, and heat exchangers.
These equipment and solutions are helping customers throughout the world achieve carbon neutrality.

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Compressor segment

Compressors are the core components of industrial plants. KOBELCO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and vendors of compressors, with a lineup consisting of three types: screw, centrifugal and reciprocating.

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Heat exchanger segment

KOBELCO is a leading manufacturer with a long history and world-class capabilities in the fields of large vaporizers and high-performance heat exchangers.

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