Compressor segment Compressor segment

Compressor segment

Drawing on solid technology and experience to provide optimized solutions for a wide range of requirements

Compressors are the core components of industrial plants. KOBELCO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and vendors of compressors, with a lineup of screw, centrifugal and reciprocating types. Our advanced technical expertise, wealth of experience, and extensive delivery track record in each of these types let us provide optimized solutions to various applications and operating environments. Our fine-tuned support services ensure maximum user satisfaction, from consulting during installation to compressor optimization (design/manufacturing) and after-sales service.

High performance and reliability in a wide range of environments

KOBELCO has worked with compressors for over a century, manufacturing and selling over 10,000 units. Our users are located in Japan and more than 70 countries worldwide. Our compressors have been installed in power plants, steel manufacturing plants, and a wide range of other facilities. Their operation remains stable even under the extremely tough environment found in offshore oil and gas production facilities. Their world-class functionality and reliability have been proven time and again, satisfying even the demanding specifications of oil majors.

KOBELCO’s compressor technology for future energy

KOBELCO’s compressor technology and experience are being applied to the next-generation energy sector. Gas compression technology plays a vital role in producing, storing, transporting, and supplying hydrogen, LNG, and other alternative energy sources that could be promising substitutes for oil. By bringing this technology together with equipment such as heat exchangers and vaporizers, KOBELCO is working on improving process-wide efficiency and stability. These efforts are a solid first step on the path to carbon neutrality.

Compressor History


RC lineup: The company entered the compressor market by drawing on proprietary technology to manufacture Japan’s first domestically produced high-pressure reciprocating compressor.


RC lineup: First ammonia refrigerator completed.


RC lineup: Manufacture of Japan’s first domestically produced gas compressor (Model H8D50, 1,000 atm, 265 kW, 2 units)


SC lineup: Delivery of first domestically produced screw compressor in Japan (Model KS31L K-3150)


RC lineup: Delivery of the world’s largest reciprocating compressor (Model 8F123F, 8-stage opposed type, 1,060 kg/cm2)


SC lineup: Delivery of the world’s largest screw compressor (Model KS80L)


SC lineup: Delivery of Shipment of Japan’s first domestically produced industrial refrigerators (Models NH3, KS31LR-25LR)


CC lineup: The company started manufacturing centrifugal compressors through technical partnerships with manufacturers outside Japan.


SC lineup: Delivery of the world’s first Oil-free screw compressor with slide valve (Model KS20LAV)
CC lineup: Shipment of first integrally geared centrifugal compressor with built-in gears (Model VG574)


RC lineup: Completion of turnkey project work for Japan’s largest hydrogen makeup compressor (5,300 kW) up to lines installed at the site


CC lineup: Development of high-efficiency open impeller (first OH1 design/development product)


RC lineup: Development of LNG BOG compressor


CC lineup: Market release of Eco-Centri Series (centrifugal compressors coupled directly to power recovery turbines)


SC lineup: First screw compressor for offshore application started on-site operation (Model KS25SMZ-25SMZ).


Establishment of Kobelco Compressors America, Inc.


SC lineup: Delivery of the world’s highest-capacity two-stage compressor (Model KS50LTX)
SC lineup: Development of EH Series of Oil-injected screw compressors with high discharge pressure (100 bar)


SC lineup: Delivery of the largest screw compressor (Model KS80LZ)


Equipment for trial operation of 20 MW variable-speed electric motor started operating.
RC lineup: Manufacture of large VVVF-drive 1,800 kW reciprocating compressors (Models KR50-3, KR50-4)
RC lineup: Development of the world’s largest gas load (160 metric tons; Model KR70L)


RC lineup: Order received for the world’s highest-pressure LNG BOG compressors (3 units).


CC lineup: Prototype of a huge centrifugal compressor with a capacity of 300,000 Nm3/h (Model VG683)


Kobelco Wuxi Compressor Co., Ltd. was acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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